Help Me!

This page provides quick links to various parts of our site that can help out if you're having some kind of trouble.

I have questions about the service!

We have a public FAQ with a lot of common information for people thinking about becoming members, but if you want, you can also have a look at our giant member FAQ.

How do I get started?

We have written a Getting Started Guide to walk new members through the steps of setting up a membership and website.

I forgot my login or password.

Right this way.

I have an abuse complaint.

Please see our abuse handling policies or our DMCA reporting guidelines, as appropriate.

Is something broken right now?

Check our Support Page, or, if you can't get to that, try the offsite status page.

How can I contact you?

If you're a member, please go to the support tab in our member interface. If you're not, drop us a note at support@NearlyFreeSpeech.NET.