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Creating a NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Membership

NearlyFreeSpeech.NET memberships are held by individuals. This has three important consequences:

  • You may only have one membership.
  • You may not create a membership for anyone other than yourself.
  • No one but you may access your membership. (It may not be shared, delegated or transferred.)

If you're planning to host a site for a business/club/employer/customers/etc, that's no problem. You can share and transfer things between different people later, but the first step is to create your own individual membership. (For more information about sharing, see our FAQ and if you're not sure how to proceed, please ask us first.)

 Your Real Name:

Please use your real name. This is the name you'll need to show ID for if you ever lock yourself out of your membership and/or lose access to your email address.
Do not use a company or organization name here.

 Member Login:

Your member login name is used every time you sign in to our member interface and when you access your web sites via ssh or FTP. It is case insensitive and spaces and punctuation are not allowed.

 Email Address:
 Email Address (Again):
 Membership Type:


It is possible to change your membership type later, but there is a fee to do so; switching back and forth is not cost-effective.

 Signup Reason (Optional):