Domain Name Service (DNS)

We offer our optional NearlyFreeSpeech.NET DNS service to make our members' websites work with registered domain names. Just click to add it when creating your site, or any time after that, and everything will be set up for you automatically.

DNS for covers the name itself plus any (and every) subdomain like,,, and whatever else you can dream up, now or later, that ends in

If our automatic DNS controls don't fit your situation, it's no problem. You're in total control of your domain. This is perfect if you want to put your machine at home into your domain or set up custom email routing.

Our interface supports a wide variety of DNS record types including some, like SRV and AAAA, that may not be important to everyone but are really important when you need them.


The base price for DNS is $0.01/day for each domain you need it for. However, two discounts apply, and most of our members' domains qualify for one or both of them.

The first discount applies to all domains registered through us.

The second discount is called "Hosted Here" and applies to the DNS charge for any domain if the main (www) site for that domain is hosted with us or if the domain is only used with our email forwarding.

If either of these discounts apply, the cost of DNS for that domain is only $0.01 every three days (about $1.22/year). If both apply, then the cost of DNS for that domain is only $0.01 every nine days (about $0.41/year).


If you don't want to use our DNS, that's fine. If you're using another registrar that provides "free" DNS, you can use that with our service (but check the price of their registration versus ours to see if it's really "free" or if you just paid for it already).

There are also a couple of DNS providers out there that offer free service for people with very small DNS requirements.