Domain Registration

Our interface offers integrated registration and automatic setup in a variety of the most popular global top-level domains (gTLD's) at great prices:

TLDs Supported for Registration
TLDNew RegistrationRenewalTransferRestore*

These are our everyday prices for all members; there are no "bulk" rates or other discounts available.

Some TLD's (notably .biz, .info, and .org) periodically offer deep discounts for the first year of new registrations. These discounts don't apply to renewals, transfers, or registrations of additional years after the first, so if you register such a domain for more than one year, the additional years will typically be priced at the renewal rate.

Whether you want to sit back, relax, and let our system worry about your name server assignments and DNS configuration or control every aspect yourself, becoming the master of your domain has never been easier or cheaper. (Or, at least, never both at the same time!)


We're not prejudiced. If you need another TLD that we do not offer registration services for, or if you already have a domain registered and just don't feel like transferring it, you're still welcome to use it with our DNS and hosting services.

About "Restore" Pricing

Note: The "Restore" price is the cost if a domain expires, passes through the entire renewal grace period (typically 30 days), and enters the "pending delete restorable" stage. There are many warnings and reminders sent before this happens, and only a handful of people each year wind up paying this, but we are required by ICANN to display these prices, largely because they are so ridiculous. (The prices are set by the registry and include only a minimal handling fee on our part to cover the manual recovery request; we do not profit from domain restorations.)

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