Pricing Summary

NearlyFreeSpeech.NET has been the premier provider of pay-as-you-go websites since 2002. Our innovative pay only for what you use pricing model is designed to be the most cost-effective solution around.

With NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, you make a small deposit (as little as $0.25) into your account to start up your hosting service, and then set up and pay for only the services that you need.

Charges for the services you actually use are automatically debited from your account as they are incurred, one penny at a time. And if you can meet your needs with services that cost only pennies, we're fine with that. There are no big bundles of junk you don't need and no long-term contracts! Heck, there aren't even any short term contracts!

When your balance runs low, we'll let you know, but you won't be charged automatically. (We don't even keep your private payment details, like credit card numbers, after you make a deposit.) You can add more money any time you want.

If your balance runs out, your website hosting suspends automatically. Take your time (up to 30 days) to decide what to do next. If you make another deposit, your site will be right back online. We hope that you'll like us and choose to keep things going before it runs out. But it's completely up to you.

If you'd like to talk to one of our sales reps to get a quote, you're out of luck. We don't have any. We also don't have any commissions, referral payments, or kickbacks. With NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, your money goes straight to the services you actually use.

So, in lieu of a team of high-pressure sales droids, here's a quick summary of our most common service charges.

Fixed Charges

Many of our services have small fixed fees, which represent the very minimum costs we incur to operate those services, independent of how active they are. These include paying operational staff to keep everything working and to be there at 2am when it breaks, equipment for fixed-density services like MySQL and email forwarding, electricity, datacenter space, and similar costs.

Service Cost Notes
Web Sites: $0.01/day Non-Production sites
$0.05/day Production sites
$0.50/day Critical sites
DNS: $0.01/9-days registered and "Hosted Here"
$0.01/3-days registered or "Hosted Here"
$0.01/day not registered or hosted here
Email Forwarding: $0.03/day
MySQL: $0.00/day first process
$0.01/day each additional process
Domain Registration: $4.59-$4,125.79/year (varies by TLD)
RespectMyPrivacy: ~$3.28/year

Each cost is per-item: per website, per MySQL process, or per domain for DNS, Email Forwarding, and RespectMyPrivacy. For complete details on the pricing for each service, check the detail page for that service.

Usage Charges

Websites incur usage charges based on the amount of bandwidth used, their size on disk, and the CPU/RAM resources they consume. See the Websites page for complete details.

MySQL processes incur usage charges based on their size on disk and the CPU/RAM resources they consume. See the MySQL page for complete details.

Other Charges

Adding funds to your account incurs a small variable fee to cover the costs of payment processing, accounting, banking, and fraud.

While a baseline membership has no recurring charge, we do offer a subscription membership which costs up to $5.00/mo, and includes a variety of additional services and discounts.

If you have RespectMyPrivacy and you get a lot of correspondence that you want forwarded, it may cost extra to have that done.

This isn't intended to be an exhaustive list of the charges you might incur, but it should give you the information necessary to figure out what hosting here costs unless your needs are particularly exotic.

Adding It All Up

To help estimate your overall monthly and annual hosting costs, check out our pricing estimator. You can enter the combination of services you'll need and get an idea of what it will cost, or you can use it to help figure out how to get the most for your money in your particular situation.