Email Forwarding

For any domain, we can provide flexible email forwarding that allows you to send any email address to your existing email account(s), or anywhere else you want. We even have a feature that lets you forward email to URLs on your site!

You don't have to be an email expert, either. Using our member interface, you can set up as many individual forwarding addresses as you want, dividing up your domain email to best suit your needs. Got a domain registered for your last name? Give everybody in the family a permanent, easy-to-remember email address without turning into the family sysadmin / email tech support!

When our network of fault-tolerant mail servers receives your mail, they will automatically block illegitimate email servers, like most spammers and viruses. If your real email account goes down, we'll automatically hold your mail for up to five days and deliver it when you're ready.

Email forwarding requires no contracts and no commitments. It's billed at $0.03 per domain with email forwarding per day, no matter how much email your domain gets. That's just $10.95/year.1

Of course email forwarding is completely optional. You can add it to or remove it from any of your domains at any time; it's completely independent of whatever else you may or may not be doing with that domain on our service, like registration, DNS, and web hosting.

1Costs $10.98 in leap years.