RespectMyPrivacy Proxy Contact Service

What is it?

When you register a domain, every registry requires you to provide valid contact information, which becomes available to anyone with an Internet connection. Some registries also sell bulk lists containing the names, addresses, email, and phone numbers of registrants to advertisers.

In conjunction with domain registration, we offer RespectMyPrivacy, a specialized domain contact management service. If you use this service, we will register your domain using:

  • A private mailbox address in Florida, USA
  • A special voicemail-only phone number
  • A fax number, and
  • A custom email address (

Then, RespectMyPrivacy forwards your email (and non-junk faxes and postal mail, if any) to you while we protect your privacy with all the zeal and fervor built into our standard Privacy Policy.

Who needs this?

Anyone who wants a domain of their own, but doesn't want their name, home address and phone number hanging out there on the Internet, free for the taking. And when you put it like that, who doesn't need this?

OK, who doesn't need this?

Big companies — who can afford to park somebody from the legal department at a desk to handle it, who can put their corporate address out there without compromising anything, and who generally don't host with us anyway — don't need this service. They've already got "faceless" covered.

How does it work?

It's pretty simple:

  • Your domain's custom email address will forward directly to you without revealing your identity.
  • Voice mail messages will be forwarded to you via email, provided that the caller clearly identifies the domain they are calling about.
  • Non-junk faxes received are forwarded to your email.
  • Non-junk postal mail received is scanned and forwarded to your email.

To keep things manageable, junk messages get thrown out automatically. From time to time, that includes bulk mailings sent to domain registrants by our competitors with too much cash in their advertising budgets. (New registrants tend to get a lot of this stuff.) And it definitely includes those fake "invoices" from random companies offering to "list" your domain or renew it for five times more than we charged you! This is an obvious conflict of interest, but oddly, our members don't seem to mind!

How much does it cost?

The base service costs $0.01 per day, but it is usually prepaid based on the life of the domain and the prepayment includes a 10% discount. So, it typically costs about $3.29 per year of registration, plus a small amount (generally about $0.68) to cover the period between expiration and deletion. The cost of privacy service is pro rata refundable if you transfer the domain or otherwise remove privacy service before the domain's natural deletion date.

In most cases, that is all you will ever pay.

A domain's first forwarded document or voicemail in any calendar month (up to ten pages) is included. Beyond that, an additional charge of $1.00 + $0.25 per page for forwarded mail, and $1.00 per forwarded fax (up to ten pages) may apply.

Please note: most users will never receive any non-junk faxes or postal mail at their domain contact address and thus will never incur document forwarding charges. If you start getting a lot of material, we will contact you for special instructions.

And should someone decide to try to cost you money by sending lots of documents, don't worry! RespectMyPrivacy service includes a perfectly serviceable recycle bin capable of disposing of large volumes of nuisance material at no cost to you.

How do I get it?

We offer RespectMyPrivacy only in conjunction with our Domain Registration (including domains whose registration is transferred to us). It can be added to or removed from any registered, non-expired domain at any time via our control panel.

RespectMyPrivacy exists because privacy is critically important in this day and age and should be as affordable as possible for everyone.

Furthermore, we will never force you to cancel RespectMyPrivacy and expose your personal contact information before you can transfer a domain away from our service. RespectMyPrivacy is designed to put your privacy first, not to make you a permanent prisoner of our service.